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Is contemporary artist based in Tel Aviv 

Born 1962. Lives and works in Tel Aviv.
Her works combines  figurative, abstract and expressive, in various techniques - oil paints, pen, pencils,charcoal and gouache - on varaity surfaces:canvas, papers, fabric and wood. 
Her works are influenced from childhood by her sewing mother. Driven by memories of the fabrics,the smell, textures, colors  maintaing a dialogue with the canvas - which functions as a scene of material occurrence. Her paintings feature figures, landscapes and still lifes, characterized by wide colors, expressive brushstrokes implenting light and contrast. The craft of painting is done out of observation or imaginary of nature, while trying to share with the viewer her experiences and her  world.


Hatahana Studio School Master Class at Aram Gershuni and David Nipo

Hakolel studio modern art by Ran Tenenbaum and Guy Avital

Latest Exhibitions


  • Comme il faut, curetors Malina Gvaram and Eti P. Bashvitz , Artist  House Rishon lezion

  • Bank Hapoalim Knafiam of Crembo, Tel Aviv


  • Fundraiser exhibition by Bank Hapoalim Tel Aviv


  • Seven to Five, curetor Hanita Elizor, Artist House, Rishon Lezion


  • Face to Face, curetor Shirli Brown, beit ot Hamuzar, Jerusalem

  • Face to face, carutor Rachel Zukerman, Office Gallery Tel Aviv


  • Seven to Five, curetor Hanita Elizor, Artist House, Rishon Lezion

  • From Above", curetor Dalya Danon, Art spece Tel Aviv


  • Group - curetor Lee Mor Cohen, Kibutz Haim Ihod, North Israel

  • Bread&Roses- Tel Aviv

  • Self Potrait, curetor Nir Harmat, Art space Tel Aviv

  • Open Studio - Art-9 Tel Aviv


  • Singels, curetor Vered Hadad, Koresh Gallery , Jerusalem


  • Art Fair Paris - Montrial Paris


  • Graduate Exhibition - Hatahana Stodio school Tel aviv

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